Slim The Mobster - Unreleased Tracks


1) Pimpin                       
2) I'm Good                                   
3) Ain't That Enough                       
4) Shit Don't Stop                                   
5) Say It To My Face (Produced by DJ Silk)                                   
6) Definition Of A Hustler                                   
7) What's The Business                                   
8) Seasoned featuring Pimpin' Young                                                
9) Dope Game ( I Hear the feds coming) feat The D.O.C. and Mr. Choc 


  1. Some of them i have? but ofc you should drop them all :D please today i need some new music for the weekend, btw do you have gunplay CDQ?

  2. yo slim whats goin down,
    were the fuck are you other mixtapes,
    cant find them anywere on the net been loooking for like a year now, did you not drop em or somthing?

  3. Im going to make a collab with Aftermath and drop them on their site, maybe today.

    And to the second person, you should check this: http://slimthemobster.blogspot.com/2011/02/mixtape-south-centrals-finest.html

  4. I Can conclude you haven't dropped Them yet. .. Aftermathmusic equels delay .. People on This blog is fans - give us sumthin ?

  5. waddup jordane ! C'est @philounit, droppin some of this would be amazing !!