Recap of Slim The Mobster's exclusive album listening party

Sha Money Xl & Slim the Mobster

C4 explosives? Check.
4 Assault rifles? Check.
4 Uzis? Check.
$400,000 in racks? Check.
One of the dopest release parties ever? Check.

Last night Cashmere Agency threw an exclusive listening party for Slim the Mobster’s street album, War Music, which will be hitting DJBooth.net on November 8th.  The event took place at Crooks & Castles’ flagship store on Sunset, as we also celebrated the launch of a limited edition collaboration shirt between Slim and Crooks.
Slim has been an emerging face in the LA gangster rap scene, but has been putting in years of work under legendary Dr. Dre for Detox, who contacted him after receiving his music and a phone number scrawled on a lottery ticket. War Music will be his first solo release and features incredible production from Dre, Sha Money XL, Siege Monstracity, and other celebrated producers from the West.
After media got situated with food provided by Bossa Nova and a little Pabst Blue Ribbon, Sha Money introduced Slim, who served as our guide for a play-through of War Music. If you haven’t heard any of his songs yet, it’s easy to notice what Dre hears in him—he’s a legitimate product of the streets that happens to have the charisma of a crooner and delivery shaped by classic gangster rap. I know I’ve heard the entirety of the project, but I honestly can’t wait to test it in the whip and hear it from beginning to end.
We ended up linking Slim with our media contacts for some interviews and wrapped up the event with a giveaway of the limited edition Slim the Mobster shirts, which turned out to be in high demand.  Cashmere would like to especially thank Sha Money XL for giving us this opportunity and Slim for being a pleasure to work with. War Music coming November 8th

exclusive tee


  1. i asked a while ago on this blog if there will be a dre production on this and i got no as an answer, no it looks that there will be, cuz, with no offense, thats the only reason ill want to hear it

  2. i cant wait for the tracklist and prod credits cause there are names on this article that i thought werent going to produce on the project.....

  3. Well i dont know what to think. I didnt wrote this article. According to what i know there is no Dre production on War Music but a feature. However Dre is one of the executive producer of the album. May be thats what the guy who wrote the article was thinking when he wrote it.
    You'll get the tracklist tomorrow

  4. btw r u the same jordane who posted some comments a while ago on uzee's detox blog saying that slim the mobster is a fake niga and other shit...???

    remove the comment if it wasnt you

  5. Someone used my name to say shit.
    I asked uzee to remove it. When i leave a comment its always with my Google account, so you can now if its me or not ordrop the comment