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Q&A With Slim The Mobster: Discusses Dr. Dre, Music Vs. Streets & Fake Rappers

BallerStatus.com: You've called your first meeting and opportunity to work with Dre like hitting the lottery. What happened? How did you link up with Dre, and what was it like getting into the studio with him initially?
Slim The Mobster: When I gave him my number, I wrote my number on a lottery ticket. That's what made him call me. Once I started working with him, at first, it took some time getting used to. But, it's cool now. Slim The Mobster - Photo by Estevan OriolBallerStatus.com: It seems like a long time, but it's just been a few years since you first hooked up with Dre. How have you changed over this time, as far as your mentality, your work ethic, etc.? Slim: A lot of things changed. I just think it was the best thing for me. You don't always get all the right opportunities and chances in your life, so I've been blessed. BallerStatus.com: Obviously, you were doing music before, but what have you learned, working with him and others in the camp, thus far? Slim: Patience ... definitely patience. I learned more about life, in general. He showed me a lot of things, just as a grown man.
BallerStatus.com: In a previous interview (with DubCNN) you said that the "hustler" lifestyle appealed to you, and you chose that over rap music. Why? And, what you made you change your mind? Slim: My mom, my dad -- they was young -- so, my grandma raised me. When you're able to do certain things that you wouldn't normally be able to do, you gonna take advantage of it. I felt like, when I was young, my grandma was a lil slower, so I could do things a lil faster. Like, I caught on fast -- I knew how to sneak out of my house and steal her car when she was asleep (laughs). Versus, if it were my mom and dad, it wouldn't have happened. [Grandma] goes to sleep at 9 at night, feel me? Those little things is the things that made me start in the streets, because you're looking for someone you can relate you. When you're a teenager, and your grandma is in her 50s, it's gonna be hard for her to even catch up, or keep up with you. So, I found more comfort with the dudes that was hustling on the block, rather than being at home. I just left.
I guess I was 12, 13... was when I started rapping for fun. Around the same time, I started finding out about the streets, is when I started finding out about the music. It was just for fun, though.

Read the FULL interview here www.ballerstatus.com

Slim The Mobster Isn’t A Fan of Rappers Name-Dropping Gangs Through Music

When I was younger I was really a gang member,” he says, “and I was really doing what was required of a gang member but I don’t do it now. So when people be like, ‘what gang are you in?’ like, what gang am I in? I got a business, I’m not a gang member. I laugh when I see certain people still talking bout ‘Blood,’ like, c’mon, man! You didn’t start doing that ’til you was 26 years old, stop".
That is the corniest shit ever for me,” Slim continues. “And then this is the thing that [spills over] to the kids ’cause now you got kids feeling like its cool to say ‘soo woop,’ and [they] don’t even know what that really means. In jail, dudes get they mouth busted for sayin’ that, but in the street life you got money and you can say blood and you can pay a couple dudes and they let you in. Nah, I didn’t come up like that, we didn’t respect money, money wasn’t the motivation, and I think it just got watered down.” 
Slim feels name dropping gangs through music is irresponsible on behalf of some artists. “I don’t choose to say I’m a gang member,” he said. “I’m from where I’m from, you can’t change that, but I don’t ever try to promote it. Some dudes from L.A. when you listen to they music… it’s ‘crip this’ and ‘neighborhood this’ and ‘I’m from here.’ C’mon man, that shit is corny man, that’s what you wanna say in your music? Like you got peoples’ attention and you gonna tell them you from wherever.”
In addition, he says the move is also, plain and simple, corny.
The dudes that do that, be the dudes that really ain’t about that; that’s the truth and I’m not excluding nobody,” he says. “All the niggas that parade around with the bandanas and all that, that shit is corny, period. That shit is not a good look. We been through 400 years of slavery and you gonna do some dumb shit like this? You got an opportunity to give somebody some game like, ‘look I did this, don’t do it.’ Like [on] my song, ‘South Central Blues,’ I tell them, ‘don’t copy me, be better than me,’ I ain’t heard no rapper say that in years.
Slim the Mobster’s mixtape, War Music, hosted by DJ Whoo Kid, is currently available for free download online on www.Djbooth.netJesse Gissen @JesseXXL 
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Slim The Mobster - "Dreaming" video

Slim The Mobster - GoodFella Radio Show

Slim spoke to us on his relationship with Dr. Dre and the development of the Detox album. Slim speaks on 50 Cent and how he feels he forgot how to make street music. Slim elaborates on issues with his uncle Freeway Rick Ross and the rapper Rick Ross. 


Slim The Mobster Interview: Hip-Hop Wired

Hip-Hop Wired caught up with Dr. Dre's newest protege Slim The Mobster.
Check out the interview as he discusses "giving Dre the winning Lottery Ticket," being on the streets on his own since he was 14, and the new album War Music. 


Slim The Mobster Talks Respect The West

Slim talked with Respect The West during his mixtape release party that took place two weeks ago, here is the video of the interview. He speaks about the West Coast and what does L.A mean to him.

Slim The Mobster: DubCnn Interview

Dubcnn: What up Slim, we've interviewed you for dubcnn a few times in the past, so it was only we caught up with you to talk about the new street album "War Music".
Slim: Yes sir! It's going good!
Dubcnn: The first time I came across your music was a few years back via Chocolate and DJ Silk. Throughout the past years, a lot of the work you've been doing has been under wraps and everything has been pretty secretive. In this day and age, where rappers leak new songs on a weekly or even daily basis, what was the reasoning behind not flooding the market? Was that a decision from Aftermath?
Slim: Nah, everything you see going on right now with Slim The Mobster is from Gang Module. This is no label doing nothing, it's me, all me. I hope nobody tries to take credit for it. It's all me.
Dubcnn: So this is not the Aftermath machine?

Slim: Nah, this is Slim the machine. I'm a machine, too! *laughs* It's easy for me because I'm really in the streets, I'm a street dude. That's why I labeled this a street album, I didn't want it to be confused with anything different. Everything that you see going on with Slim right now is me and my team. It ain't no outside entity, everything you see right now is us. All the videos, all those things is all me. It ain't no outside help, nothing. 

If you noticed, on my mixtape there is no other label on there than Gang Module and we made that a point. Sometimes I feel like me being in the position that I'm in, a lot of people expected me to fail or get dropped or whatever the situation. But I'm still here. And I have a song out with Dr. Dre out right now too.

Dubcnn: That's interesting, because a lot of people are looking at you as Dr. Dre's new protege. And with this being the first official street album and you dropping all these videos, everybody was expecting this to be the time where Aftermath/Interscope turns on the promo machine. But I know Dre gotta give the green light for all this to go down, right?
Slim: I mean, he got some say, but at the same time, this is something that I believe in. And he got this thing where he says "Nigga bet on yourself, if you believe in it, do it!" So I'm betting on myself and I think I'm the #1 mixtape so far this week. We making some noise on our own!

Read The full interview here: DubCnn Interview


Slim The Mobster "Gun Play" REMIX Project

About Competition
Dr. Dre's protege Slim The Mobster is hosting a remix project on his Facebook page using the SoundCloud platform. The remix project will host the instrumental and the vocals for contestants to rap over or create a whole new beat for the vocals.
Download Instrumental HERE, Download Acapella HERE, Submit your remix HERE.

Your Challenge

Want to Compete? Here's How.

1. Sign up for SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a platform that puts your sound at the heart of communities, websites and even apps. Watch conversations, connections and social experiences happen, with your sound as the spark.

2. Upload your Track to SoundCloud

Upload your track to your SoundCloud account so it's available to submit once you login here. Be sure to include an artwork image, description, and set it to "Public."

3. Submit Your Track

Once you've created your SoundCloud account and uploaded your track to it, you may login below and select your track from a drop down list to include it in the competition.

FADER TV: Interview with Dr. Dre, talks about Slim The Mobster

The Fader interviews Dr. Dre at the opening event of the new Beats By Dre store in SoHo in NYC. The Doctor talks about the success of his headphone line, his edge over other producers and focusing on Slim The Mobster & Kendrick Lamar.


Exclusive Crooks and Castles x Slim The Mobster Tee and USB

You can pre-order the Exclusive Crooks and CastlesSlim The Mobster Tee-Shirt "Can't Stop The Crooks" and USB now on karmaloop.com 

Oh and if you haven't already downloaded Slim The Mobster new street album WAR MUSIC. Here's the free link:


Slim The Mobster - Mixtape: 'War Music' DOWNLOAD

Download War Music ➡ DOWNLOAD

Aftermath signee, Dr. Dre protege and unapologetic gangster rapper Slim the Mobster presents his new street album, War Music, hosted by DJ Whoo Kidand powered by Crooks & Castles.
War Music features ten original tracks including the highly rated Whose House?What Goes Up and more. 
In addition to rhymes from Slim, guest work on the album comes from Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Prodigy, Nikki Grier and more. The street album features production from Jake One, Nottz, Bink, Sid Roams, Siege Monstracity and others.
War Music is executive produced by Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Sha Money XL.

01. Dreaming ft. Nikkie Grier
02. What Goes Up ft. Snoop Dogg
03. Fu*k You ft. Yummy Bingham
04. Falling Star ft. Nikki Grier and Sly
05. Back Against the Wall ft. Dr. Dre & Sly
06. Martyr ft. Prodigy
07. South Central Blues ft. D Brown
08. Whose House ft. Kendrick Lamar
09. See It
10. Gun Play
11. Take It Easy
Download here


Slim The Mobster - 'Falling Star' Feat. Nikki Grier & Sly

New track ‘Falling Star’ off Slim The Mobster War Music mixtape dropping today (November 9th)
Download "War Music"here

New tracklisting to Slim The Mobster's "War Music" Street Album

Here you go with the final tracklisting of War Music dropping tomorrow ( 11-9-11) on www.djbooth.net

Download "War Music" here


War Music is not dropping today, don't worry it has just been pushed back to tomorrow ( 11-9-11 ), this is due to the fact that Dr. Dre wanted to work on Back Against The Wall so that it sounds perfect.

Here is what Slim The Mobster tweeted"Dr. Dre has pushed back the release of my street album  to Nov 9th because he needs to finish mastering our collabo song ( Back Against The Wall )"

War Music new release date is 11-9-11

( Dr. Dre & Slim The Mobster in the Studio )


Slim The Mobster Listening Party Video Recap

War Music drops 11/8/11 on http://www.djbooth.net

The beat played in this video is "Final fire House" prod By Klypso ( @IamKlypso )
Download it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?doxkrc668aa2jtr

UPDATED with Skee.Tv footage:


Slim The Mobster - Shady45 Interview + Back Against The wall

Exclusive: "Back Against The Wall" - Slim The Mobster feat. Dr. Dre (radio rip)

Interview Part I

Interview Part II

Interview Part III

Interview Part IV

In this short interview with Soulculture, Whoo Kid talks about the Slim The Mobster & Dr. Dre collaboration and the upcoming Dr. Dre mixtape that is in the works. One hard hitting street tape before Detox sounds just about right. 

Tracklist: Slim The Mobster "War Music"

Here's a first look at the tracklist for the new project from Slim The Mobster. The Los Angeles-based rapper is finally set to release his street album War Music, with features from Kendrick Lamar,Snoop, Prodigy and Dr. Dre. Check out the full details below, and get War Music on DJBooth.net on November 8.

NB: This is the official tracklist but there will be two bonus tracks, one of them is "Back Against The Wall" Featuring Dr. Dre.


Slim The Mobster "Take It Easy" War Music Out Nov 8th

War Music Powered by Crooks & Castles November 8th on DJBooth.net

Prod. by Lab Ratz

An Eif Rivera Joint

Executive Producer Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Sha Money XL

Ask Slim a question http://twitter.com/slimthemobster


Recap of Slim The Mobster's exclusive album listening party

Sha Money Xl & Slim the Mobster

C4 explosives? Check.
4 Assault rifles? Check.
4 Uzis? Check.
$400,000 in racks? Check.
One of the dopest release parties ever? Check.

Last night Cashmere Agency threw an exclusive listening party for Slim the Mobster’s street album, War Music, which will be hitting DJBooth.net on November 8th.  The event took place at Crooks & Castles’ flagship store on Sunset, as we also celebrated the launch of a limited edition collaboration shirt between Slim and Crooks.
Slim has been an emerging face in the LA gangster rap scene, but has been putting in years of work under legendary Dr. Dre for Detox, who contacted him after receiving his music and a phone number scrawled on a lottery ticket. War Music will be his first solo release and features incredible production from Dre, Sha Money XL, Siege Monstracity, and other celebrated producers from the West.
After media got situated with food provided by Bossa Nova and a little Pabst Blue Ribbon, Sha Money introduced Slim, who served as our guide for a play-through of War Music. If you haven’t heard any of his songs yet, it’s easy to notice what Dre hears in him—he’s a legitimate product of the streets that happens to have the charisma of a crooner and delivery shaped by classic gangster rap. I know I’ve heard the entirety of the project, but I honestly can’t wait to test it in the whip and hear it from beginning to end.
We ended up linking Slim with our media contacts for some interviews and wrapped up the event with a giveaway of the limited edition Slim the Mobster shirts, which turned out to be in high demand.  Cashmere would like to especially thank Sha Money XL for giving us this opportunity and Slim for being a pleasure to work with. War Music coming November 8th

exclusive tee

MTV Sway & DJ Whoo Kid Debut: Slim The Mobster's War Music On Shade45


"War Music" Artwork - Slim The Mobster

Here is the "War Music" mixtape Artwork, remember it drops November 8th, hosted by DJ WHOO KID