Slim The Mobster: DubCnn Interview

Dubcnn: What up Slim, we've interviewed you for dubcnn a few times in the past, so it was only we caught up with you to talk about the new street album "War Music".
Slim: Yes sir! It's going good!
Dubcnn: The first time I came across your music was a few years back via Chocolate and DJ Silk. Throughout the past years, a lot of the work you've been doing has been under wraps and everything has been pretty secretive. In this day and age, where rappers leak new songs on a weekly or even daily basis, what was the reasoning behind not flooding the market? Was that a decision from Aftermath?
Slim: Nah, everything you see going on right now with Slim The Mobster is from Gang Module. This is no label doing nothing, it's me, all me. I hope nobody tries to take credit for it. It's all me.
Dubcnn: So this is not the Aftermath machine?

Slim: Nah, this is Slim the machine. I'm a machine, too! *laughs* It's easy for me because I'm really in the streets, I'm a street dude. That's why I labeled this a street album, I didn't want it to be confused with anything different. Everything that you see going on with Slim right now is me and my team. It ain't no outside entity, everything you see right now is us. All the videos, all those things is all me. It ain't no outside help, nothing. 

If you noticed, on my mixtape there is no other label on there than Gang Module and we made that a point. Sometimes I feel like me being in the position that I'm in, a lot of people expected me to fail or get dropped or whatever the situation. But I'm still here. And I have a song out with Dr. Dre out right now too.

Dubcnn: That's interesting, because a lot of people are looking at you as Dr. Dre's new protege. And with this being the first official street album and you dropping all these videos, everybody was expecting this to be the time where Aftermath/Interscope turns on the promo machine. But I know Dre gotta give the green light for all this to go down, right?
Slim: I mean, he got some say, but at the same time, this is something that I believe in. And he got this thing where he says "Nigga bet on yourself, if you believe in it, do it!" So I'm betting on myself and I think I'm the #1 mixtape so far this week. We making some noise on our own!

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