HipHopWeekly Interview: Slim The Mobster

Here is an extract of the interview, make sure you grab a copy of the magazine Hip Hop Weekly.

What's the name of your label?
Gang Module as in the place they put all the gang members when they go to jail.

When will the public start getting hit with what Dre got hit with?
I just put out like three records in the last two weeks so it's just startin'. I'm just getting started so there's gonna be a lot of things comin' in the next few months that's gon' be big. My mixtape War Music is gon' be big because I got Dr. Dre on there, I got Snoop on there, I got Kendrick Lamar on there, Prodigy from Mobb Deep, that's big.

Where and when can people get the War Music mixtape?
Karmaloop.com and Djbooth.net and it comes out November 8th. 

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