VIBE sat down with Slim The Mobster

Here in an extract from the interview:
Slim The Mobster knows about second chances. After spending twenty odd years toughing it out on the streets of Los Angeles and Texas, the street minded rapper met Dr. Dre outside of recording studio and evenutally become the Doc's protege. VIBE sat down with Slim for the whole story on how he turned his hustle into a record deal with one of rap's greatest composers.

VIBE: I was just talking to Sha Money and he was really praising your upcoming debut mixtape War Music (11/18) . Can you tell us a little about that?
Slim The Mobster: War Music is my first release so far as the mixtape scene—I just been knocking that out quietly and doing my best to get that situated. We’re trying to make sure that we get something big. I’ll let the music do the talking.
You have some big features considering this is your first tape.
Yea, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Prodigy from Mobb Deep—of course my home girl on a track called “Fuck You.” Mostly all the people that’s on my project are people that I’m around on a daily basis.
I noticed you really pride yourself in making music from the heart.
Mostly all my music is that way—sometimes it might be interpreted in a different way, but it’s really not to condone what’s going on its just to gain awareness of it. You listen to my music I’ve never told anybody to do anything it’s more of an entertainment thing and I feel like some people would get that—like when you’re a parent that’s who you’re supposed to look up to—no one is bigger in my house.
You’re just giving your perspective, like this is the world through [Slim’s] eyes?
I can only give you my point of view, I can’t speak about certain issues because I don’t know about themthat’s gonna probably be on the next album.
So for the fans who don’t know who you are, what do you think they can take from this release?
They’ll get a better understanding of who I am and not that [my music] is all about violence because I got some songs like “South Central Blues” and it’s like I’m telling people to be better than me—everybody out here is saying they’re the best. Not me.
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